Understanding EPCS: What you can do to reach EPCS success

Imprivata understands the importance of establishing a secure, auditable chain of trust for the entire electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) process– especially given the current momentum supporting EPCS across the country. To help organizations prepare for their EPCS obligations, we recently held a webinar – EPCS Recordkeeping and Reporting: Understanding the DEA Requirements – providing information to help organizations demonstrate and substantiate compliance with DEA and state-level EPCS requirements. 

The need for this information has never been greater. Federal and state legislatures are passing laws designed to address the nation’s opioid abuse epidemic. These laws all contain some form of EPCS mandate. 

To ensure compliance with federal and state EPCS laws, healthcare organizations and their providers alike must meet the necessary DEA requirements, which are very specific and require a comprehensive, collaborative approach. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges is getting those within an organization to fully understand the weight of the DEA requirements, so they can implement the right solutions to obtain EPCS success. 

Due to the widespread demand for the implementation of EPCS systems – both on the federal and the state levels – healthcare organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the value and benefits of an effective EPCS solution. If integrated seamlessly into clinical workflows, a compliant EPCS technology would relieve pressure from healthcare organizations, while simultaneously saving them money and combating the national opioid crisis. Nevertheless, implementing and maintaining a solution that doesn’t interrupt workflow and is consistently compliant can prove difficult. 

In the webinar, Imprivata presents what organizations need to know about EPCS regulations, in a user-friendly manner, so they know the steps they need to take to reach EPCS success. This includes how a functioning, compliant EPCS program can benefit organizations beyond security, both economically and socially. 

To hear a recording of the EPCS Recordkeeping and Reporting: Understanding the DEA Requirements webinar, please click here.