Weekly Cloud Security Roundup: Bank Data Security Weakened by Insiders, New Privacy Developments, and More



Each week, we’ll bring you seven of the most compelling cloud- and Salesforce-security-related stories from the last seven days. This week, we have updates on one of the biggest threats to bank data security, the latest in privacy news, and more.

Bank data security threatened by insiders

Attacking From Inside, Cyber Crooks Rake in Millions in Bank Data Security Incident

According to Kaspersky Lab, cyber-criminals posing as insiders stole tens of millions of dollars from Eastern European banks. Acting as couriers and job seekers and leaving behind infected devices, they were able to gain access to the local network, log in using brute force, and initiate fileless attacks. The incidents highlight the need to monitor all insider activity for potential threats.

Insider Threats & Insider Objections

Clearly, there’s no shortage of insider threats coverage in the media. Yet only 36 percent of companies, according to a 2018 CA report, say they have a “mature” insider threat program in place. So where is the disconnect? Here are five common objections to protecting against insider threats, and two suggestions for overcoming the objections.

How Well Is Your Organization Investing Its Cybersecurity Dollars?

“Half of your cybersecurity dollars are wasted,” a paraphrase to an old marketing adage goes. Many organizations would be unable to explain their company’s valuable cybersecurity investment over the past three years – and that may be due to a lack of definition around risk assessment. Here, the author explains how he helped convince executives to beef up on cybersecurity while saving the company over a million dollars, avoiding significant operational disruption, and reducing more risk faster.

Electronic Frontier Foundation & Privacy Coalition Oppose Efforts to Undo New California Data Privacy Law

As the deadline for implementation nears closer, the California legislature considers fixes and modifications to the hastily passed California Consumer Privacy Act. But the Electronic Frontier Foundation and other groups are lobbying against these changes – among them the elimination of the consumer’s “right to know” what data companies have collected about them and deletion of the law’s “data portability” provision. Learn what chief privacy groups are doing to protect consumer privacy in California and beyond.

Data is Currency. Treat it That Way to Strengthen Privacy.

Six months after the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect, interest in data privacy has never been higher. Many expect this trend to continue into 2019, making it imperative for organizations to reframe the way they think about data privacy and its impact on their business. Here, Cisco’s Chief Privacy Officer answers questions on the most vexing data privacy challenges facing businesses, where we go from here, and what makes a successful data privacy program.

A New Privacy Frontier: Protect Your Organization’s Gold with these 5 Data Risk Management Tips

Businesses can mine data for great, actionable insights for improving the customer experience. But the presence of so much data, and access to it, threatens to undermine the privacy of customer and corporate data. Here, learn about the most recent — and potentially upcoming — privacy regulations, the civil and statutory impact on organizations, and five ways to protect company data in a new frontier for privacy.