InterSystems and Imprivata collaborate to enable fast and secure access to unified patient information

Single sign-on solution delivers fast, secure, and auditable access to TrakCare unified healthcare information solution

Cambridge & Lexington, Mass., February 27th, 2020 — InterSystems, the global leader in health information technology is partnering with Imprivata®, the digital identity company for healthcare, to give clinicians secure access to patient and clinical data. Healthcare providers using InterSystems TrakCare™ will be able to select their preferred method of user authentication from the options of ‘tap and go’ proximity cards, swipe card, or biometric authentication.

The collaboration between the two companies provides fast and secure access to InterSystems TrakCare Unified Healthcare Information System, promoting efficiency, effectiveness, and integration throughout the healthcare environment. Imprivata OneSign® and Imprivata Confirm ID™ are designed to facilitate fast and secure access to essential clinical applications and devices. With TrakCare now validated with Imprivata single sign-on and user authentication, healthcare organizations can provide clinicians with fast system access, whilst also ensuring optimum security and auditability.

Mediclinic Middle East, one of the largest private healthcare groups in the UAE and part of Mediclinic International, recently went live with TrakCare and uses Imprivata OneSign in the Emergency Department. Busy care providers can simply tap their badge to log on or off TrakCare, saving precious time. As one of the registered nurses in the ED states, “we spend less time on the technology and more with the patients” thanks to the integration of TrakCare and Imprivata.

TrakCare facilitates streamlined, shared workflows across healthcare settings, providing a unified record with clinical and administrative information for each patient. Continuity of care is ensured with effective capture and sharing of admission, discharge, and transfer information across all care settings. Once entered, patient information is shared by all authorised users, avoiding the costly storage and tracking of paper records between departments and care facilities. TrakCare also provides detailed audits which can be used by clinical service owners to optimise patient services and reporting.

When combined with Imprivata Confirm ID, TrakCare provides safeguards to help improve patient safety by incorporating witness signing notifications and alerts for clinical additions to patient notes. When a patient record is updated, the system notifies the care giver that a secondary witness is required to authorise the clinical note. An alert is then automatically sent to the witness clinician to authorise the inclusion of the clinical note in the patient’s record.

Users of TrakCare save time because they can log on to TrakCare and other enterprise applications simultaneously. There is no need to remember multiple passwords and enter them repetitively. Additionally, the solution increases security as password formats and policies are easier to adhere to, eliminating insecure workarounds.

 “Partnering with Imprivata has enabled us to provide clinicians with fast and secure access to TrakCare, delivering accurate, up-to-date, and complete information about patients at the point of care,” said InterSystems Vice President of TrakCare Christine Chapman. “This not only improves patient and clinician interaction and communication, but also delivers a more coordinated and efficient care model.”

Dr. Sean Kelly, Chief Medical Officer at Imprivata, added; “Too often IT security practices can be a barrier to delivering care. At Imprivata we believe that if IT security doesn’t work for people, then it doesn’t work at all. Our partnership with InterSystems removes the barriers to accessing patient data by providing fast and secure access to accurate information. Instead of grappling with passwords, clinicians can focus on positively impacting patient care aided by streamlined system access.”

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