Leading Healthcare Organizations Make Imprivata OneSign the Employee Access Management Platform of Choice

Easy Integration with Top HIS Solutions Helps Organizations to Quickly and Securely Improve Information Access and Patient Care

LEXINGTON, MA August 31, 2009 Imprivata®, Inc., the employee access management company and largest provider of healthcare single sign-on (SSO), today announced that it continues to see strong demand for its OneSign Platform solution from the healthcare industry’s leading organizations. Specifically, these organizations are leveraging OneSign to help solve critical access management, strong authentication and SSO issues resulting from the ongoing industry transition from paper-based to electronic medical records (EMR).

Enabling heightened levels of user satisfaction while safeguarding patient data is a critical balance that must be addressed for healthcare organizations to deliver top-notch patient care. Through its global technology partnerships with several of the leading Health Information System (HIS) providers, Imprivata is able to address a broad range of healthcare access management challenges and deliver the most effective security and identity management solutions possible.

“In a large McKesson shop such as ours, with thousands of users in constant motion, managing access to data in nearly 200 applications can be very problematic—in terms of security risk, help desk costs and time wasted logging in and out of various systems,” said Christopher Paidhrin, HIPAA and IT Security Officer for Southwest Washington Medical Center (SWMC). “Imprivata OneSign has allowed us to centralize our identity and access management process and introduce several forms of strong authentication for secure and convenient access. Today we are reaping the benefits in terms of increased productivity, reduced costs and overall improved security.”

As healthcare staff provide care, they utilize different workstations or log-in points. With the advent of EMRs, it can be disruptive for staff to constantly re-enter credentials—or frustrating to have to ask IT for help with forgotten passwords.

“Our employees access more than fifteen applications in the course of their workday—which adds up to a great deal of passwords to remember,” added Mandy Whaley, network administrator for Box Butte General Hospital. “We needed a solution that would not only streamline information access—but would work seamlessly with our Healthland HIS and Sun Ray virtual display clients. With Imprivata OneSign, we quickly SSO-enabled all critical applications, empowering employees with easy access to data, no matter where they were located.”

By taking advantage of the security and convenience of OneSign, users can quickly and securely switch between shared desktops; unattended workstations are automatically locked when the user leaves; compliance with healthcare regulations is easily managed and demonstrated—whether tasked with HIPAA compliance, SOX, or the UK Data Protection Act—and all password headaches are eliminated, improving satisfaction and time spent on patient care.

“At Parkview Adventist, we pride ourselves on using the newest technological advances to protect patient data and improve the work environment for our staff. When we made the decision to roll all our data into the Meditech System, we needed to ensure that our doctors and nurses would be able to securely access the information they needed, without disrupting their workflows” added Bill McQuaid, CIO at Parkview Adventist Medical Center. “Imprivata’s OneSign worked seamlessly with UPEK’s biometric readers, enabling us to roll out a biometric authentication system that our clinicians immediately embraced. OneSign was a key element of Parkview achieving HIMSS Analytics Stage 6 status.”

Imprivata’s OneSign Platform enables secure employee access, improves user productivity and lowers overall costs, helping to protect critical information assets at a growing number of healthcare organizations. OneSign seamlessly integrates strong authentication, enterprise single sign-on, physical access control, user provisioning and event reporting to provide one automated employee information access policy that’s managed and enforced within a single, easy-to-use administrative framework.

“Doctors and nurses should be practicing medicine, not computer skills. Anything that we can do to make our care environment more efficient leads to better outcomes, better quality of patient care,” commented Dr. Michael Westcott, CMIO at Alegent Health. “The move to Siemens Soarian for EMR has had a significant positive impact at Alegent, and implementing OneSign has allowed our clinicians to securely access their electronic patient records on-line, from anywhere in the hospital or remotely.”

“We run a broad range of applications at Licking Memorial, including Meditech at our hospital and GE Centricity for more than 70 physicians at 22 of our primary care and specialty physician practices,” said Sallie Arnett, VP Information Systems at Licking Memorial Health Systems. “OneSign was able to quickly profile our critical applications for SSO, and its strong authentication capabilities have allowed us to offer our users convenient access to patient data, while maintaining our high levels of security.”

Imprivata’s partner network has a presence in more than 40 countries and helps resellers, IT integrators, technology solution providers and consultants capitalize on the fast-growing identity and access management market by offering innovative products that help healthcare organizations seamlessly secure their desktops, networks and applications. 'Anything that we can do to make our doctors and nurses more productive in a secure environment contributes to our ROI,” said Michel Bouquet, IT Manager at Netherlands-based Spaarne Ziekenhius. “Features like roaming user sessions and fast user switching were the reasons that we selected OneSign, and the clear time gain in production helped me to justify the spending with our board. In a large Epic environment like Spaarne, the benefits of simple and secure access to patient data can be substantial.'

Imprivata’s OneSign simplifies end-user authentication to applications and makes it easier for physicians and clinicians to access patient data. OneSign easily integrates with several healthcare applications and includes support for shared workstations, roaming desktops, fast user switching, a broad range of integrated strong authentication options (proximity cards, fingerprint biometrics, ID tokens) and password policy implementation and management.

“We are a large and complex Cerner-run organization, with users constantly on the move,” said Dr. Stephen Patterson, Chief Medical Information Officer at the Lee Moffitt Cancer Center. “In addition to enabling clinicians to easily access needed information, OneSign also supports fast user switching so users can extract the most value from our resources. Our ability to empower our clinicians in these ways is what helps set us apart and attract top talent.'

“Imprivata’s OneSign Platform was designed to integrate seamlessly with the customer’s existing technologies and to be easily deployed and maintained,” added Omar Hussain, president and CEO of Imprivata. “It is because of this that so many healthcare organizations depend on Imprivata and its partners to provide the tools for a secure and efficient facility where staff can focus on patient care, not on passwords.”

About Imprivata

Imprivata secures employee access to desktops, networks, applications and transactions. Its appliance-based, employee access management platform, OneSign, enables organizations to protect enterprise information assets while improving user productivity. By strengthening user authentication, streamlining application access and simplifying compliance reporting across multiple computing environments, customers realize substantial IT Help Desk and administration cost savings, while achieving the security standards they demand.

Imprivata is a recognized leader in Authentication and Access Management, receiving numerous product awards and top review ratings from leading industry publications and analysts. Headquartered in Lexington, Mass., Imprivata partners with over 200 resellers, and serves the access security needs of more than 800 customers around the world. For more information, please visit www.imprivata.com.