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Imprivata Cloud Services Description

Appliance to Cloud Transactions
Imprivata’s cloud products and features leverage a secure, highly flexible, resilient connection from OneSign Appliances to the cloud, ensuring the right capabilities and transactions occur to deliver the level of trust required for clinical care.

Imprivata ID Mobile Application
Imprivata ID (IID) is an authentication application that increases both security and convenience for clinical workflows that require more than one factor of authentication. Whether for electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS), remote network access, or for workstation access – authentication via IID occurs with the simple act of approving a push notification or by the use of a secure One-Time Passcode.

Confirm ID Remote Access
Confirm ID for Remote Access provides multi-factor authentication services to enable organizations to secure end-user access to VPNs, gateways, and cloud-based applications using token-based methods such as Imprivata ID and one time passwords.

EPCS authentication occurs via the DEA-compliant Imprivata ID mobile application, enabling clinicians to e-prescribe controlled substances anytime, anywhere with their mobile device.

EPCS Identity Proofing
Online identity validation and certificate issuance via a third-party Certificate Authority for self-service enrollment of EPCS-allowed authentication methods.

Web SSO provides clinicians a secure and seamless single sign-on experience to access web applications from anywhere and any device using SAML.