SecureLink Enterprise Access and SecureLink Customer Connect

Manage and secure all privileged access across employees and third parties from one comprehensive platform

Third-party vendors, partners, and contractors are essential in business environments, yet third-party remote access poses some of the greatest risk to an organization. Traditional remote access methods like VPNs or desktop sharing tools don’t provide the controls and monitoring to effectively secure third-party access, leaving gaps in security that bad actors can easily exploit.

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Secure access points

Our streamlined platform provides secure connectivity to third parties that have privileged access to enterprise networks.

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Connect to enterprise customers

Our comprehensive platform accommodates thousands of your technicians and up to tens of thousands of customers.

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Proactive monitoring

Manage third-party identities and access policies, provide vendors with a secure, controlled connection to critical assets based on Zero Trust, and gain total visibility into what vendors are doing.


Third-party identity management

Manage all third-party identities through vendor self-registration and assign third-party-specific access policies based on the principle of least privilege. Authenticate all vendor access through multifactor authentication and employment verification.

Control access with Zero Trust network access (ZTNA), fine-grained access controls, and credential management

Define access down to the host and port level so vendors only access what they need and nothing more. Use granular access controls like connection notifications and access approvals, as well as credential vaults to lock down vendor connectivity.

Monitor third-party session activity for total visibility

Have total visibility into all third-party activity in your environment, as well as vendor accountability, via HD session recordings and detailed audit logs. Easily investigate and resolve any incidents with detailed video and text-based recordings.

Meet compliance efficiently

Demonstrate and meet compliance regulations with granular audit trails of all third-party access. Provide regulators with documentation of third-party access controls and recordings of third-party session activity.

From the start, SecureLink focused on our problem and not on other potential interests of the solution. They engaged us with our interests in mind and wanted to partner with us in finding a solution to our specific problem of secure vendor access to our environment.

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Access management for critical systems

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