Announcing the Imprivata Developer Program

Here’s the problem. You have a product that needs to be able to authenticate user credentials before providing a service to the user – such as zero or thin client access to virtual desktops, or a secure printing service, or a hospital patient bedside terminal, or a meds dispensing cabinet – for example. But you don’t want to write an entire authentication, enrollment, password management, multi-device supporting, reporting, auditing, HIPAA regulation meeting infrastructure. And why would you? Even if you did it would just create another point of management and synchronization for the IT team and another enrollment mechanism for the users to learn and go through.

Imprivata is excited to announce the new Imprivata Developer Program. This program enables 3rd party vendors to access and authenticate users to a customer’s existing OneSign infrastructure through the OneSign ProveID™ API. Access is seamlessly integrated into the customer’s existing infrastructure simplifying deployment, user education and IT training. Users are able to use their existing ID badges for authentication, IT is able to report on all access events.

As part of the program, you gain access to the OneSign ProveID SDK, documentation, test and certification tools accompanied by developer training on OneSign and technical support resources. Once complete, the solution is submitted to the certification process and when passed, awarded the Imprivata Ready logo and listed on the Imprivata website  to be seen by more than 900 healthcare customers globally.

You can find more information on Imprivata developer partners including Jetmobile, Praim, Teradici and Wyse, on our partner page and more information on how to become a developer partner.