Imprivata for Community Connect offers a cost-saving and secure solution for Great Plains Health

To help streamline workflows for healthcare organizations who use Epic Community Connect, Imprivata developed Imprivata for Community Connect (ICC), making the process of authenticating into the EHR platform easier and more secure for clinicians while also remaining DEA compliant for electronic prescribing for controlled substances (EPCS).

ICC provides seamless authentication and access into Epic for end users. The solution allows healthcare organizations to replace usernames and passwords with a simple badge tap or a fingerprint scan to help decrease the potential for phishing and other cyberattacks.

In an August webinar, I spoke with Danial Lawrence from Great Plains Health about their recent implementation of ICC, specifically focusing on their experience with the ICC rollout and how the solution has benefited their clinicians.

Lawrence said he liked that they could rely on Imprivata to work with Nebraska Medicine, their host site, to improve patient care. He said, “We leaned on Imprivata heavily to work with Nebraska Medicine for the site configuration piece, and we wouldn’t have been able to get it done without them.”

ICC offers an optimized, cost-saving solution for affiliates of Epic Community Connect. These organizations get to experience the benefits of their EHR technology investments without the need for dedicated servers for SSO functionality from their hosts. It’s even a benefit for hosts, who can now support SSO technology for their affiliates without having to dedicate server farms for each affiliate facility.

Because of those benefits, Danial believes Imprivata for Community Connect has made it easier for clinicians to treat patients knowing that they’re operating on a more secure infrastructure. He said, “Now that we’re using ICC, things have been better than ever.”