Imprivata Healthcare News Watch 2/19/13

If you had Presidents Day off of work this week, we hope you put it to good use.  For those of us in healthcare, however, we know there is rarely such a thing as a Holiday. Imprivata has your buzzworthy health IT news ready.

This week we are following thoughts on an EMR template, how the health IT industry can save the US economy and why King Richard III needs authentication and identity management just as much as we do.

What are you reading this week?

The EMR template: I want to believe - Making use of EMR templates can save time and present PHI in a standardized format. However, this approach has led to billing fraud and more inefficiencies. Can the EMR template ever be optimized to do what it was meant to do? Betsy Nicoletti wants to believe that it's possible.  

King Richard III: Villain, Hero, or Tragic Victim of Identity Theft? Forbes – Online - With the recent discovery of Richard III in a Leicester parking lot and the epic investigation to authenticate the deposed king, we are reminded of the importance of personal identity. The number of impersonation attacks online is on the rise because the tools to attack are more easily available and the targets more numerous. And all too often, the depressing truth is that while the criminals remain largely anonymous, the businesses that are breached lose their brand and reputation.

CHIME CEO: How health IT can save the economy FierceHealthIT - Although increasing membership and bolstering public policy efforts are top of mind for newly named College of Healthcare Information Management Executives CEO Russell Branzell, he has loftier goals for the organization--and the health IT industry. In this exclusive interview with FierceHealthIT, Branzell talks about CHIME's role in reaching those goals, as well as in meeting the needs of its current constituents.