Is your casino network under attack?

Controlling vendor access in the gaming world

Data security in the casino world is a complicated business. Securing connections to your gaming firm often involves a multi-step, convoluted process. Not to mention, the casino industry is very highly regulated. So, how can you streamline your security methods and still ensure your gaming business doesn’t suffer a hacking incident? How can you make sure you prevent cybercriminals from finding a way in and accessing data on your casino's network?

Recent casino cybersecurity breaches

Last summer, you may remember Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas suffered another data breach. This was the second time that their card processing network was compromised. Investigators uncovered unauthorized access and malware on their systems. And earlier last year, Affinity Gaming sued IT security firm Trustwave for failing to identify and contain a data breach. Malicious hackers managed to penetrate the Las Vegas-based casino operator’s payment card system. They were able to compromise Affinity’s data by creating a backdoor on their VPN. Just two years ago, Four Winds Casino suffered a data breach. Cybercriminals exploited their payment card network to steal confidential data including CVV numbers and addresses.

What are you doing to eliminate your security gaps?

Just these three examples should have you thinking hard about the possible cracks in your casino network. With such a high volume of sensitive data passing through your gaming firm, it makes you a prime target for cybercriminals. You know that network security is critical to the gaming industry. Did you know the enterprise/vendor relationship is a major component in network vulnerability? And do you know if your vendor access is leaving you with a hole in your casino's network, allowing hackers to get in? Casinos experience unique workflow patterns, meaning you need to do more than just facilitate a connection from a vendor to your network. You need to secure any and all connections, to keep your data flow safe. You also need to be able to set up rapid, reliable, remote gaming IT support, ensure compliance with policies and standards, and document every action that was taken on your network.

The cost of cyberattacks for casinos

In an Accenture I-Team report in late 2016, they state that Las Vegas casinos have lost millions of dollars due to cyberattacks on their gaming websites and operational networks. Doubling down on your casino's network security, controlling your third-party access and preventing any unauthorized access are all ways to stand up to cybercriminals. It’s possible to simplify your vendor rep authentication with a single, standardized vendor access security platform. Wouldn’t you like to reduce the manual, cumbersome process and streamline your vendor access with a tool that meets your highly regulated industry demands? After all, can you afford to risk the ramifications of a cyberattack on your casino?