Hiring globally in a Zoom world

Recruiting at Imprivata continues to be a top priority, even as our entire workforce remains remote. Over the last year, we ramped up staffing and shifted to hiring talent virtually. We evolved our interview process to take place through Zoom, beginning with creating a “virtual waiting room” where various members of the Imprivata team can greet candidates before their first round of interviews. In addition, we widened our candidate pool to source candidates nationally. In the first couple months of 2021, we have successfully hired 15 new employees, and six of them are from areas where we don’t have physical offices.

This new practice of virtual hiring was adopted successfully by many of our departments, most notably Engineering and Renewals. The Engineering team was able to transition to remote work so efficiently that it was clear we could hire more employees who were located remotely now and in the future.

Below, I’ve shared some quotes from Imprivata hiring managers who have successfully hired outside of our typical geographical area.

Not only have we hired remote folks successfully, but we have also recently gained a new office location in Clearwater, FL with our recent acquisition of FairWarning. When we reopen our offices in the future, having this additional location will provide more flexibility to hire in an additional geographical area while also allowing employees to head into an office when they need facetime with the team.

We are always encouraging our employees to be engaged in the recruiting process. We send out a weekly “Hot Jobs” email to the company highlighting new openings, and a chance to win a gift card if they are the first to answer a set of trivia questions correctly! We also offer a $5,000 referral bonus to employees who refer a candidate who is hired for the role. Considering our expanded hiring pool, the referral program has aided tremendously in these efforts as we do have a global workforce.

Imprivata provides equal employment opportunities to minorities, females, veterans, and disabled individuals, as well as other protected groups. If you are interested in joining a great culture no matter where you are, we encourage you to check out our openings and apply! Join a group of hard-working and passionate folks!

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