User Behavior Analytics


User Behavior Analytics: Security, Delivered.

How proactive is your security team about detecting, investigating, and isolating alerts? Do your current strategies alert you to information systems misuse from within your own organization?

At Imprivata FairWarning, we provide a diverse range of intelligence tools and analytics strategies that allow you to identify, predict, and prevent anomalistic employee and third-party activity. By tactically merging the deployment of in-depth identity intelligence, pattern visualization, statistical analysis, and machine learning, Imprivata FairWarning’s solutions — like user behavior analytics — protect your entire electronic information ecosystem from devastating breaches.

You can’t stop threats you can’t see.

Healthcare providers are facing an unprecedented volume of security assaults on protected data — assaults which are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their ability to circumvent standard defensive measures. With generally accepted protocols failing to address emerging threats, healthcare providers are vulnerable to an elevated level of risk, which can range from the internal exploitation of data to far-reaching breaches of sensitive patient/customer information.

While traditional organizational security measures typically target external threats, these protocols do not significantly address insider threats that either stems from malice or end-user negligence. User behavior analytics is the application of algorithmic languages and statistical analyses to internal information systems user patterns in real time, allowing enterprises to reliably anticipate and thwart activities that fail to correspond with regulatory body best practice or seek to access data for malicious purposes.

Imprivata FairWarning empowers healthcare providers, financial institutions, and insurers with a formidable data security defense that delivers comprehensive violation discovery. By deploying meaningful end-user monitoring and analytics tools and strategies, you can identify atypical data use and access trends early, before your protected information is irrevocably compromised.

Detect Threats: Diverse Application Monitoring

Approximately two-thirds of all security breaches are initiated through misused insider authorizations, and nearly three-quarters of violations can be tracked to an approved user. Effective end-user behavior analytics allow you to preemptively track and index internal activity while differentiating numerous job requirements for diverse contexts and job titles. Suspicious user actions, including unusual network access attempts, unapproved file access attempts, and running atypical applications, trigger a system “hit”, allowing for immediate investigation and possible disciplinary action.

Imprivata FairWarning gives customers access to next-generation applied security analytics. With our real-time, multi-layer solutions based upon our future-focused threat detection philosophy, we are able to support more than 350 different applications, with new applications added continually. Our multi-pronged solutions, which includes our monitoring system and intelligence tools, allow you to reliably recognize a complex pattern of potential vulnerabilities and breaches:

  • Identify both internal and external breaches by employing a patent-protected, easy to use and interpret, custom application.
  • Immediately isolate and intercept abnormal user activities in order to avoid regulatory infractions, and to effectively support meaningful use programs.
  • Streamline current IT network by marrying multiple application processes to consolidate user activity data across departments and audit trails to create a clear visualization of the patterns of the full scope individual user behavior.
  • Correlate identity of unauthorized, malicious, or negligent users across multiple sources, both internally and externally.
  • Identity intelligence profiling and analysis of access and behaviors, and automated cross-referencing of peer user activity for variances.
  • Comprehensive management, monitoring, and risk analysis of “super users” and privileged accounts to anticipate, intercept, and correct login exploitation, activity abnormalities, and misuse.

To learn more about Imprivata FairWarning user behavior analytics tools, or for a comprehensive needs assessment from our team of security experts, please contact us today.