Why enterprise access is a superior VPAM system

The digital world today is all about access. Third parties are accessing software programs, systems, and assets remotely. Employees are accessing servers and data from coffee shops, vacation homes, and even on the road. But more access inherently means more risk. The more vectors that are open, the more hackers are going to try to breach a network.  Staying secure is critical, especially since breaches are increasing year after year, and hackers are holding systems ransom for skyrocketing amounts. The solution, for third-party access, is vendor privileged access management.

What is VPAM?

Vendor Privileged Access Management (VPAM) is a software solution that adds access controls and processes to privileged credentials. It, in short, applies access controls and other proven techniques to prevent those credentials from falling into the wrong hands or to prevent the third-party user from accessing an asset they shouldn’t within your organization’s system. 

Why should you employ VPAM

The two main reasons to implement a VPAM system at your organization are security and control. With 51% of organizations experiencing a data breach caused by a third party in the past year alone, it’s obvious that third-party access is causing problems with organizations. However necessary that access is, it’s a clear risk that needs to be proactively addressed.  Many privileged access management systems (PAM systems) are built only for internal employees. However, there is far less visibility and control for third parties than there is for internal employees, so offering one layer of protection between them and your system, like one would with a VPN, doesn’t offer enough security, control, or visibility. A VPAM system allows control over who is accessing what, while providing multiple layers of security.  In addition, a VPAM solution, depending on the kind of solution, is often automated or self-service, reducing the burden on a team or a department. This is especially useful when an organization uses multiple third parties — like a government agency or healthcare provider.

What makes enterprise access a superior solution?

Enterprise Access offers more than just credential management for third parties. It’s a full service solution that provides serious security with ease and efficiency. Top capabilities include:

Not only is Enterprise Access specifically designed to manage third-party access, the solution is built to mitigate the various risks involved with third-party access with features like fine-grained access controls, monitoring, and compliance-specific visibility. It’s also easy and efficient, perfect for larger enterprises. Learn more about Enterprise Access and why a VPAM solution is needed to secure your critical access on our products page.