Imprivata Confirm ID for Cerner Millennium

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Fast, convenient authentication for electronic prescribing of controlled substances and other clinical workflows in Cerner Millennium

Imprivata Confirm ID™ is a comprehensive identity and multifactor authentication platform that integrates seamlessly with Cerner Millennium to deliver fast, secure, and consistent user authentication across all clinical re-authentication workflows, including:

  • Electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) – Imprivata Confirm ID is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for meeting the DEA requirements for EPCS while giving care providers a fast, efficient e-prescribing workflow for all medications. Imprivata Confirm ID supports the most comprehensive set of innovative, convenient, and DEA-compliant two-factor authentication methods – including Hands Free Authentication and push token notification – which drives EPCS adoption to help organizations realize substantial benefits.
  • Medication ordering – Imprivata Confirm ID improves the drug ordering process within Cerner Millennium by replacing manual passwords with faster, more efficient methods of authentication. This allows providers to realize the accuracy and efficiency benefits of electronic medication ordering without the inconvenience of passwords.
  • Medication administration record – With Imprivata Confirm ID, nurses and other care providers can quickly and efficiently authenticate to witness the administration of high-risk medications to patients. Instead of manually entering their username and password – which takes time, breaks concentration, and potentially impedes care delivery – providers can simply tap a badge or swipe a fingerprint. This ensures witnessing policies are met while maintaining clinical workflow efficiency.
  • Pharmacy dispensing – Imprivata Confirm ID gives providers a fast, efficient method for authenticating to dispense medication. Using the same convenient authentication methods for ordering medication, providers can complete the dispensing process, creating a closed-loop system that helps improve auditing of dispensing activity.

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