OneSign Virtual Desktop Access for Citrix XenDesktop

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No Click Access to Citrix XenDesktop

Imprivata OneSign Virtual Desktop Access™ provides fast secure access to users’ virtual desktops and applications optimizing the Citrix XenDesktop environment. Centralized access management and auditing helps IT organizations capitalize on the benefits of desktop virtualization.

XenDesktop users benefit from the streamlined application and desktop access with:

  • No Click Access™: Users can login to the virtual desktop with the swipe of an ID badge or finger, using card authentication and/or fingerprint biometrics. Once connected, they have single sign-on to all of their authorized applications – no remembering and managing multiple passwords.
  • Smooth roaming desktops: Once connected to the virtual desktop, users can access all of their applications with no additional logins, thanks to OneSign Single Sign-On. This removes the hassle of remembering and resetting passwords, and reduces risks from insecure passwords.

For IT, security, and compliance staff, the benefits include:

  • Simplified compliance: All application access is tracked and stored in secure audit logs. Using OneSign, organizations can automate password changes and let OneSign manage all password and strength requirements without users needing to remember ever changing passwords. And they can lock down unattended workstations automatically using OneSign Secure Walk-Away®.
  • Location and transaction based strong authentication: Organizations can add location-aware intelligence to virtual desktop access and authentication according to business needs. OneSign ProveID enables re-authentication at the point of sensitive transactions, for compliance and governance purposes.

Imprivata Virtual Desktop Access is one of the first solutions to integrate with the Citrix Fast Connect API to offer a seamless authentication and SSO user experience. OneSign requires no changes to applications, or user directories, such as Active Directory, making it easy to deploy and maintain.

In Healthcare: Supporting EHR adoption

Clinician adoption is essential to meeting Meaningful Use requirements. Imprivata OneSign and Citrix XenDesktop work together to support EHR adoption by streamlining access to electronic medical record systems. Clinicians have No Click Access to their personalized virtual desktop, and all authorized applications as they change locations throughout the day.

Using OneSign together with Citrix XenDesktop, clinicians gain: ­

  • Fast, No Click Access to virtual desktops and all authorized applications, including EMR, PACS, CPOE and others
  • A smooth roaming virtual desktop that maintains its state between workstations
  • The ability to walk away from workstations without having to remember to log off, using Secure Walk-Away
  • The ability to digitally sign charts, prescriptions, and orders using OneSign ProveID.

For hospitals, physician offices and clinics, OneSign increases EMR adoption by improving clinician satisfaction, strengthening HIPAA/HITECH compliance, and improving clinician productivity

A recent research report by The Ponemon Institute shows that clinicians can save up to 15 minutes a day with the use of Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions such as Imprivata OneSign®. Watch the webinar on single sign-on in healthcare.