Electronic Medical Records Systems

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Give users fast, secure access to Electronic Medical Records Systems.
Healthcare companies are faced with many challenges when it comes to ensuring secure access to their electronic medical records systems - the need to secure patient data and privacy, compliance with strict regulatory compliance, and providing fast access to electronic medical records systems to enable timely and quality care. Single sign-on solutions can help by eliminating the need to enter usernames and passwords every time an employee needs access to electronic medical records. And when leading healthcare companies want superior single sign-on technology they turn to Imprivata.

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Secure, fast access to Electronic Medical Records Systems
Imprivata provides authentication and access management for the healthcare industry. With OneSign, users don't need to be constrained to a single work station or slowed down by the need to reenter a username and password every time they need access to electronic medical records systems. With OneSign, users can sign on once at the beginning of their shift and then use any workstation throughout their workday, accessing applications and medical records as needed. Clinicians can spend more time with patients—and less time waiting for computer access to electronic records and medical applications and systems.

Fast access to electronic systems and greater protection of medical records

OneSign provides significant benefits for users seeking access to electronic medical records systems, including:

  • Single sign-on/sign-off to all applications. With OneSign, medical users get unprecedented ability to move to different points of care and quickly gain access to the systems and electronic records they need.
  • One touch log-on using fingerprint or proximity card authentication. OneSign FastPass™ allows users to access electronic medical records systems quickly by touching a finger to a scanner or a proximity card to a reader.
  • Fast desktop switching. OneSign enables users to quickly switch between multiple, concurrent Windows desktops and to switch users quickly on an individual workstation.
  • Application roaming across workstations. With OneSign, users can roam between workstations, accessing their remote sessions as needed. OneSign automatically locks the desktop of the user's previous workstation when they roam to a different station.


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