Imprivata OneSign Driving Clinical Efficiency At Over 50 NHS Organisations

NHS Trusts Choose Imprivata For Secure and Convenient Access Management

LEXINGTON, MA – 20 April 2009 - Imprivata®, Inc., the employee access management company, today announced that approximately 20 percent of all NHS Acute and Primary Care Trusts (PCT) are now reaping the benefits of secure and streamlined access to patient data using the Imprivata OneSign appliance. With OneSign, UK healthcare organisations including South East London Shared Service Primary Care Trust, Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust, Newcastle NHS Foundation Trust, Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust and University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire are enabling clinical staff to improve the speed and efficiency at which they can access critical patient data using a single set of log-on credentials, leading to increased productivity and better patient care.

“For NHS organisations, patient care has always been a priority, and in today’s world, technology is a key enabler of patient care. Therefore, having the right technology in place to address patient data security initiatives while increasing user productivity by overcoming password management and system lockout challenges is critical,” said Omar Hussain, President and CEO, Imprivata. “We’re seeing NHS organisations achieve greater levels of patient care due to the ability to operate more efficiently with Imprivata OneSign, which is quickly becoming the de facto solution for healthcare organisations in the UK.”

Imprivata OneSign extends seamless and convenient application access to all enterprise applications and patient data, allowing NHS organisations to:

  • Quickly enable single sign-on for all local and NHS Spine applications, removing the need for separate log-on credentials for each individual system;
  • Easily assign users with access to authorised applications and data via single sign-on, freeing up helpdesk resources by empowering users to reset their own passwords locally;
  • Enable fast-user switching on shared workstations, allowing clinical staff to access their Windows desktop session without having to log on and off each time a user switch occurs;
  • Effortlessly deploy and manage the appropriate strong authentication device for different users, including the NHS Smartcard, biometrics, active/passive proximity and one time password tokens;
  • Centrally audit all employee access events across disparate systems in real time, providing IT staff with a complete trail of who accessed what, when and from where, simplifying compliance and reporting processes;
  • Enabling clinical contexting along with SSO to enable clinicians to access patient data that is typically held in multiple applications. This significantly improves the speed at which clinicians can access a patient’s information, allowing them to more quickly make decisions on an individual, ultimately improving the levels of clinical care.

“As an NHS organisation holding highly sensitive patient data, security is high on our list of priorities; however, to enable our staff to deliver the expected levels of patient care, we need to find a balance between securing our IT applications and making the systems accessible to all users,” said John Skinner, IT Director, Oxford HIS “Everyday IT issues, such as forgotten passwords and locked out users can have a serious impact on the ability of our clinical staff to do their jobs, and Imprivata OneSign provides us with the tools we need to solve access management issues at a local level, keeping clinicians working and ultimately improve patient care.”

To assist NHS organisations in piloting and adopting this technology that has already brought significant benefit to Trusts across the country, Imprivata has launched a pilot package offering a limited number of licenses at a fixed fee. For general information on Imprivata’s pilot programme, please visit: /nhs_trust

About Imprivata
Imprivata secures employee access to desktops, networks, applications and transactions. Its appliance-based, employee access management platform, OneSign, enables organizations to protect enterprise information assets while improving user productivity. By strengthening user authentication, streamlining application access and simplifying compliance reporting across multiple computing environments, customers realize substantial IT Help Desk and administration cost savings, while achieving the security standards they demand.

Imprivata is a recognized leader in Authentication and Access Management, receiving numerous product awards and top review ratings from leading industry publications and analysts. Headquartered in Lexington, Mass., Imprivata partners with over 200 resellers, and serves the access security needs of more than 800 customers around the world. For more information, please visit

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