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Vision of Healthcare
‘Soft organic’ care and‘hard mechanical’ ICT are fundamentally different to each other. And at the same time, due to developments such as digitisation, electronic dossiers, information systems, flexible mobile working practices, transmural chains and home automation, the healthcare organisations have become increasingly dependent on (complex) ICT over the past few years.

So our ‘ICT as a facility service’ vision is not a vision of the future of the care sector, but actually shows that we need to act now to safeguard the quality of ICT services in the years to come with limited budgets and limited in-house ICT knowledge.

Availability & Care
The care sector is changing fast. The customer (patient) and not the care provider has become the centre of focus. The implications of this are becoming apparent for care institutions, both by the indispensable deployment of ICT systems in the care process itself and by the increased integration of and links between ICT systems, both inside and outside the organisations.

This close relationship between ICT and the day-to-day provision of care means that the 24×7 availability of ICT systems is becoming a priority. Moreover, with hundreds of thousands of euros in turnover per day, it is a question not just of good patient care, but also of healthy business operations.

Security & Care
The care sector is experiencing huge growth in the digitisation of medical data, and the protection of patient privacy has become an important point of focus as a result. The formulation of a correct information policy (NEN7510) and the implementation of the related codes of conduct and protocols are closely related to the ICT systems.

Although good information policy is always dependent on the people who implement it, ICT security measures can structurally help to prevent and detect deliberate attempts to gain unauthorised access to patient information and prevent the accidental publication of patient information.

Cloud Computing & Care
More than any other sector, the care sector is a huge digital information network, with on the one hand ICT systems between organisations (transmural links) and suppliers (SaaS) and on the other hand mobile and flexible access to the ICT systems by the care employees, who are living increasingly in the ‘online’ world (Generation Y).

This need for ‘open’ ICT architecture is increasing the focus on issues such as security and availability. Cloud technology can help the care sector by facilitating applications and data centrally through a controlled ‘front door’ to the mobile and flexible ‘consumers’, while controlled and secure links can be made with application suppliers (SaaS) and transmural partners through the ‘back door’.

Sourcing & Care
The care sector is growing in an unpredictable way and is changing fast. Due to these continuous changes, care organisations are facing an enormous challenge to provide employees with the best possible support.

By strategically sourcing non-care domains, such as the complex domain of the ICT infrastructure, a care institution can start focusing on facilitating the ICT to the users and optimising the demand for applications. Here it is essential that this facility role is filled in your own organisation so that the distance to the user groups is as short as possible (customer intimacy).

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