Inde Technology

Inde Technology is a sharp, dynamic New Zealand tech company with an impressive portfolio of top-tier clients. We specialize in cloud-first enterprise technology solutions and focus on keeping our scope of service to our core competencies to maintain premium knowledge.

Our unique engagement-first business model means our senior engineers & business partners work directly with our customers to ensure a strong, effective relationship between their business objectives and our transformative services. Our aim is to complement our customers’ businesses by providing consulting, solutions, tier 3 and 24 x 7 support.

We approach each project or problem focused on the customer outcome. Our role is to design the right solution tailored to each customer; we don’t incentivize our staff on sales or customer acquisition.

At Inde our goal from the outset was to be the best in our field. Our specialist knowledge, selective recruitment and focus on continual development of the skills within our team allow us to compete with the biggest tech companies in NZ.

Our core competencies are built on significant solution experience and product knowledge. These include:

  • Cloud (Strategy, Migration and Solutions)
  • Workspace / Health sector
  • Application Delivery (Security, Availability and Acceleration)
  • Enterprise Networking / SD-WAN
  • phone: +64 3 974 1074
  • website:
  • address: 175 Roydvale Avenue
  • suburb: Christchurch
  • city: Canterbury
  • postal code: 8053
  • country: NZ