NTT New Zealand

Founded in 1983 in South Africa, NTT Australia Pty Ltd. today operates in 49 countries on six continents. Our growth has been driven by our clients' need to operate efficiently in an environment where collaborative partnerships and the intelligent network have emerged as the two most important business enablers.

Our heritage in networking and deep understanding of network-related technologies differentiate us from our competitors. NTT's focus has evolved to adapting the design, management and development of business technology to be a better servant to the greater business and use it as a tool to drive innovation, enable market leadership and help companies operate tighter, better, more cost-effectively and competitively.

Since we were founded NTT Australia Pty Ltd. has evolved from a local company into a world-class organization that employs over 12,000 people who deliver advanced solutions to premium clients around the globe.

  • phone: +64 9 356 5680
  • address: 49 Market Place
  • suburb: Viaduct
  • city: Auckland
  • postal code: 1010
  • country: NZ
  • near non-host countries: New Zealand