Frost & Sullivan: The need for frictionless security

Healthcare data security is more important than ever before. What’s needed is frictionless security – security that is unobtrusive and comprehensive, without hindering clinical workflows or patient care.

Explore the recent executive chapters and videos from Frost & Sullivan and learn how frictionless security can help:

  • Create a seamless patient experience, while also maintaining security
  • Automate identity management and single sign-on to significantly improve workflows
  • Avoid vulnerabilities that could ensue from multi-point solutions
  • Identify essential requirements needed for access governance solutions
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Facts and stats on frictionless security
  • Chapter 1: The need for a healthcare-focused, integrated IAM strategy
  • Chapter 2: Access and identity management the key to workflow efficiency
  • Chapter 3: Virtues of single-solution approach versus point solutions
  • Chapter 4: Essential requirements for access governance solutions
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The need for a purpose-built, fully integrated identity and access governance strategy

If you are faced with developing a healthcare security strategy, don’t wait. Get the complete story.

  • The need for purpose-built IAM for healthcare
  • Ensuring workflow efficiency with IAM
  • The importance of a single solution IAM approach
  • Best practices for healthcare IAM