Creative go-getters

Meet the creative go-getters

Our award-winning teams in marketing, sales, and business development (BD) create customer value by aligning their priorities to customer needs, not organizational goals. This pursuit is bolstered by our clinical team, members of which have firsthand knowledge of customer goals and considerations. Revenue is crucial, of course. But our primary cross-disciplinary objective is to drive customer success.

A consultative approach

Imprivata sales, marketing, and BD organizations do not focus entirely on transactions. Instead, they take a consultative approach to our partnerships, seeking to understand our customers’ perspectives first. Luckily, our in-house clinical team is always on the front lines with our customers, literally doing the rounds, to make sure that we understand environments and can put together personalized plans for success. In partnership with the clinical team, these departments aim to help our customers discover, explore, and choose solutions that best fit their needs.

Happy people

Award-winning success

As industry leaders, our organizations have received many prestigious awards. We believe this is the result of asking, “What are the major problems our customers face, and how can we solve them?”

The result:

  • Relevant marketing messages targeting customers and prospects at the right time
  • Building trust by offering specific products and solutions aligned to individual customer needs
  • Developing innovative deals and partnerships that ensure ongoing customer success

2017 Cerner Partner of the Year

Finny Award for Killer Content

2018 Marketing Nation Revvie Finalist

SiriusDecisions 2018 ROI Winner

SiriusDecisions 2019 Portfolio Marketing Award

2018 HealthTech Must-Read Health IT Blogs

The power of play

The best tech boosts the best teams

Our sales, marketing, and BD teams are comprised of A-players who deserve the best technology. From CRM, marketing automation, and personalization software to integrations with intent and

engagement analysis tools, our teams have access to best-of-breed tools. We believe the cutting-edge technology, when in the right hands, leads to cutting-edge results.