Discussing the Identity Balance

Next week, Tuesday 27th of May, we will be speaking at the ICT & Healthcare seminar in Ede, the Netherlands. Topic of our discussions will be clear and simple: how can we restore the 'Identity balance'. With this topic, we aim to explore how customers and partners can work with healthcare organisations to strike the right balance between

  • security requirements: how to make sure that access to networks and applications is only granted to the appropriate, trusted user
  • productivity requirements: how to make sure that this trusted user does not have to loose the productivity that he/she is used to

Typically, most hospitals have grown into a situation where security is either terribly hard to use, or almost non existant. The balance almost always tips in favor of either security, or productivity - and that needs to change, as really, what we need is both. Regulators are starting to see that too - hence the great number of compliance guidelines, also in the Netherlands (see for example: NEN7510).

Imprivata has a lot of crisp ideas on this topic which we would like to discuss with you. So if you want to join us in this discussion - please do!