Enterprise access and PAM are a perfect pair

As Imprivata strengthens its portfolio with SecureLink, the Securelink Enterprise Access platform will now seamlessly integrate into Imprivata's PAM solution. This software collaboration now allows enterprise organizations to secure and efficiently manage all privileged access to critical assets. That’s a capability all organizations need to stay secure.

Why organizations need both PAM and enterprise access

Managing privileged access is more critical than ever for organizations. With software moving to the cloud, systems becoming decentralized, and perimeters dissolving, access is everything when it comes to cybersecurity — and potential cyber threats. Challenges organizations face with privileged access:

  • 80% of breaches involve privileged credentials
  • 51% of breaches are due to a third party
  • Insider threats have increased 47%
  • 74% of third-party breaches are a result of too much privileged access

This is not to mention that as organizations become more connected and decentralized, they are opening themselves up to new threats. Healthcare, government, and manufacturing are just three industries that are seeing a massive uptick in cyberattacks. While Imprivata PAM is an easy-to-use solution to prevent internal unauthorized access, organizations need more protection — particularly from third-party threats. The third-party point of access is the most vulnerable access point for an organization. Third parties, while essential, pose unique threats due to lack of visibility and control, as well as the challenges of managing identities and defining granular access policies.

Better together: Get the benefits of both

By combining Enterprise Access and Imprivata PAM, organizations can seamlessly protect all privileged access without sacrificing efficiency or ease. Internal and third-party access can be managed and protected without sacrificing efficiency or ease. Benefits of combining Enterprise Access with Imprivata PAM include:

  • Reducing operational complexity by utilizing one platform for both internal and external credential management.
  • Securing privileged access for all identities, external and internal.
  • Gaining complete visibility over all user access.
  • Implementing fine-grained access controls in place of trust-based access policies.
  • Two solutions with one platform means organizations can better secure their critical access points, data, and assets with efficiency and ease. Gain peace of mind — and strong security — with Enterprise Access and PAM.