How to save more time for direct patient care with Epic VDI

Studies have shown that providers spend less than 25% of their time performing direct patient care. The rest of the time they spend accessing patient records and documenting in the EMR (25%), communicating with colleagues (20%), documenting medications, or entering orders and prescriptions (20%).[1]

In a recent webinar, Imprivata customer Joe Cruise, Director of ICT Infrastructure & Tech Support at the Group Health Centre in Ontario, Canada, explained how his institution optimized its Epic environment with desktop virtualization, to satisfy clinicians and security requirements. Imprivata’s Chief Medical Officer, Sean Kelly, MD, also discussed how a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) can be paired with single sign-on (SSO) capabilities to save clinicians valuable time for direct patient care.

  • During the webinar, the speakers discussed:
  • How to save time without sacrificing security
  • Two key Epic and VDI workflows for greater efficiencies in the healthcare industry:
    • Fast access to Epic on follow-me desktops
    • Shared workstations with fast user switching capabilities
  • Options for protecting health information that enable better adoption of VDI

An optimized Epic/VDI environment balances security and convenience while enabling clinicians to provide the best possible patient care. Learn how by viewing the on-demand webinar, reading the webinar transcript, or exploring the Imprivata OneSign product page.


[1] Ten percent is spent on other non-direct patient care activities.