IAAM Insights for Healthcare with Gus Malezis

With the current state of healthcare’s digital transformation identity, authentication and access management (IAAM) is a crucial and necessary step in facilitating provider access and workflow while also securing healthcare organizations. IAAM solutions are and should be about offering simple, fast and efficient access to authorized individuals across the broad services of Healthcare IT both on-prem and remote.

The Imprivata identity, authentication and access management solution and platform brings together Imprivata Identity Governance, Imprivata OneSign, and Imprivata Confirm ID to provide healthcare’s only integrated solution for fast, secure, No Click Access into clinical systems, applications, streamlined clinical workflows, biomedical devices and automated identity management. By combining automated identity management with enterprise single sign-on and authentication and access management, IT costs decrease, data security increases, efficiency and access to systems improve, and the focus shifts to delivering quality patient care, exactly where provider focus should be.

With many healthcare organizations now looking to make an IAAM decision, we sat down with Imprivata CEO, Gus Malezis, to ask him a couple introductory questions about IAM like considerations to take into account when making a decision and benefits of IAAM and digital Identity for healthcare. Watch these short clips to hear his insights.

What are the benefits of IAAM for healthcare?

What do healthcare organizations have to consider when making an IAAM decision?