Scaling Virtual Desktop Infrastructure at Shannon Medical Center – How They Positively Impacted IT Efficiency as well as Patient Care

In a recent webinar, Shannon Medical’s Mike Russell, Assistant IT Director, explained how VDI is positively impacting IT efficiency and patient care. He answered common questions around the topic and explained how VDI started with the CIO’s desktop and is now on a pace to reach 1,400 users.

One of Shannon Medical’s main goals for VDI was to give doctors and nurses more secure interfaces and greater access to core applications. Upon the initial rollout, once the doctors saw it, they immediately expressed they had to have it.

During the webinar Mike went into great detail on all aspects of their VDI deployment and dives deeper into the following topics:

  • How SSO accelerates and secures provider access to desktops, clinical apps, and patient information.
  • How desktop layering simplifies Windows image management, app delivery, and EMR updates.
  • How to overcome the VDI I/O challenge with flash storage.
  • How BYOD and other best practices ensure successful VDI adoption.

Learn how Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is bringing it all together for care providers and IT staff alike at this Texas-based hospital. View the on-demand webinar or read the transcript.