How Hospitals Can Maximize Cybersecurity and Travel Nurse Investments

In the wake of the pandemic, the nursing field has continued to suffer large-scale burnout and a wave of retirements. An estimated 100,000 registered nurses have left the field since 2020 due to Covid-related stress, according to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), accelerating the chronic understaffing crisis that already strained hospitals and healthcare organizations pre-pandemic.

The remaining nurses are caught in a vicious burnout cycle, forced to bear an ever-increasing burden as their colleagues quit or retire. A survey by AMN Healthcare found that about a third of nurses intend to quit their jobs due to the stress of the pandemic, and the NCSBN reports that a whopping 600,000 nurses plan to leave the field within the next four years due to stress, burnout and retirement.

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