Managed Services by the numbers

A year-end review of how Imprivata Managed Services became a critical component of our customers’ success in 2020 

2020 has been an especially difficult year for the healthcare industry. Long-time challenges across healthcare, including physician burnout, data security, and regulatory compliance, have been amplified by the pandemic. This is because many hospitals have been overwhelmed with an influx of new patients, have been hit with ransomware attacks, have raced to establish secure remote access for providers and new mobile workflows meeting isolation precautions and telehealth priorities, and continue to face pressures to keep up with rapid changes in their technology stack. Clinicians have been at the front lines during this pandemic, but behind the scenes, IT and security teams have been (and will continue to be) under strain: 

  • Accelerating the adoption of cloud technology. According to a recent report by PwC, cloud adoption has grown substantially during COVID.

  • Keeping up with version upgrades. Healthcare IT environments are sensitive and complex, and often become more complex with frequently system upgrades. When IT applies version upgrades to one system, third-party components that integrate with that system must also be updated. 

  • Integrating systems after a merger or acquisition. 69% of respondents in a recent survey by HealthLeaders said that their healthcare organization was exploring or completing a merger or an acquisition within the next 12–18 months. This signals an increased workload for IT teams that will have to integrate hospital systems. 

  • Limited budgets. Over the last 12 months, IT budgets have decreased as a result of the global pandemic. According to a recent report by Kaspersky Labs, IT budget have fallen more than 27%, from $74 million to $54 million for enterprises. 

Imprivata delivers mission-critical, enterprise identity and access management (IAM) solutions that often sit at the heart of a healthcare organization’s technology stack. When IT and security teams apply a change to their environment -- perhaps a new version of their EHR, a datacenter migration, or a virtualization project – Imprivata solutions must be configured properly to enable providers with fast, secure access to their systems without any disruptions. How do IT teams keep up with change and establish resiliency when budgets are limited, M&A activity is accelerating, version upgrades are constant, and the demand for new technology is growing? 

Imprivata designed Managed Services with these questions and challenges in mind. With Imprivata Managed Services, organizations gain a team of healthcare, IT, and Imprivata experts that embed directly into an organization’s change management process and extend IT teams’ capabilities by working proactively to remove complexity and alleviate resource strain. This team provides customers with expert consultation on system strategy as well as tactical planning needed to execute, and can even remotely manage their Imprivata systems to further reduce the administrative burden on IT. This allows IT teams to refocus precious bandwidth on other priorities. 

Over the last 12 months, Imprivata Managed Services has delivered significant value for customers. Below are a few statistics to put that into perspective: 

  • Time recoupment: Over 14,800 hours dedicated to customers so that IT and security teams can use that freed up time to focus on other, mission-critical priorities. 

  • Delivery value. Based on time worked, we estimate that Managed Services has delivered value to customers in excess of $3.7M. This number increases when we consider the inherent value of averting production disruptions and project delays, and the fact that Managed Services enables organizations to avoid costs often associated with staff turnover. 

  • Response time: With an average response time of just under 5 minutes, the Managed Services team gets customers to issue resolution quickly and efficiently. 

  • Global presence: Our Managed Services customer base has grown substantially and now represents 18 US States, 4 countries, spanning 10 time zones. 

  • Diverse solution set: We identified the growing demand for mobile technology, so we expanded our Managed Services packages with mobile administration management services. 

Whatever 2021 has in store for the healthcare industry, Imprivata Managed Services will be ready to help customers reach faster time to value and boost ongoing resiliency with Imprivata solutions. For more information visit our Imprivata Managed Services website or contact your account executive today.