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Imprivata Confirm ID is a comprehensive identity and multifactor authentication platform for fast, secure authentication workflows across the healthcare enterprise. The Imprivata Confirm ID platform consists of four individual products:

  • Imprivata Confirm ID for EPCS – the fast, secure signing solution for electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS)
  • Imprivata Confirm ID for Remote Access – the secure and convenient two-factor authentication solution purpose-built to meet the critical security and workflow challenges of today's healthcare enterprise
  • Imprivata Confirm ID for Clinical Workflows – a fast, secure authentication solution for clinical workflows such as medication ordering, witnessing medication wasting, and CPOE
  • Imprivata Confirm ID for Medical Devices – a fast, secure authentication solution for accessing and transacting with patient information on medical devices

The Imprivata Confirm ID platform helps to:

  • Improve security by enabling multifactor authentication for accessing and transacting with patient information both inside and outside the hospital
  • Make security invisible to end users by leveraging innovative and convenient authentication methods, including Hands Free Authentication, push token notification, and fingerprint biometrics
  • Centralize policy management by leveraging the same platform for all authentication 

Learn about how you can make security invisible with multifactor authentication for remote access and clinical workflows by requesting a demo.