Mid-Atlantic Health System Takes Proactive Approach to Drug Diversion Monitoring with Imprivata FairWarning Drug Diversion Intelligence

After discovering an internal drug diversion incident, one of the largest and most comprehensive health systems in the Mid-Atlantic region needed to proactively monitor for cases of drug diversion to identify incidents early and prevent harm to patients, the organization, and diverters themselves.

To help them achieve a proactive approach to mitigating drug diversion, this health system chose Imprivata FairWarning Drug Diversion Intelligence, which monitors and alerts on activity in Cerner and Omnicell, bringing potential violations to light.

Now, this health system has a robust documentation process on how controlled substances are handled, an extended team with their Imprivata FairWarning drug diversion analyst, and reduced potential for drug diversion-related harm across the organization. This enables them to spend more time enhancing the health and quality of life of the communities they serve through compassionate, affordable care.