Novanta secures critical Salesforce client data and management solutions

Who is accessing your data, how are they doing it, and what will they do with it? Novanta needed answers to these three critical questions.

The Challenge

As they began storing more and more customer and company data in Salesforce, Novanta had a need for visibility into how users were handling that sensitive data. Novanta also manages multiple orgs from a single Salesforce instance, making it more essential to find a single platform to monitor all data.

As a trusted technological partner within the medical and industrial markets, Novanta realized it had an urgent need to protect both its client’s critical data and sensitive internal data within Salesforce. The company’s most immediate concern was the possible theft of data by an employee – something that many organizations are vulnerable to when using Salesforce as a sales and contact database.

It was clear to Steve Early, Novanta’s Global Administrator, that they needed a way to identify who was accessing critical information, when they were doing so, and how to prevent future data theft and costly investigations.

The Results

  • Proactive event monitoring
  • Effective protection of client data security and management projects
  • Fast and easy implementation
  • Establishing trust and peace of mind