Imprivata Acquires SecureLink to Deliver the Only Single-Vendor Platform to Manage and Secure All Enterprise and Third-Party Digital Identities

Imprivata will unlock further value for customers by unifying, integrating, and automating digital identity to enable autonomous identity systems

WALTHAM, Mass. (April 11, 2022) — Imprivata, the digital identity company for mission- and life-critical industries, today announced it has closed its acquisition of SecureLink, the leader in critical access management with elite patient privacy monitoring. The acquisition uniquely addresses the rapidly growing need for a single source to enable and protect all digital identities, spanning enterprise to third parties.

According to CISA, stolen credentials are one of the primary attack vectors for gaining illegal access into networks, including access from supply chains and third-party vendors. In fact, third-party vendors account for 51% of data breaches. Together with SecureLink, Imprivata can now secure everyone and everything with frictionless access to on-premises and cloud applications, virtual desktops, shared mobile and medical devices, and workstations.

“If organizations are serious about securing third party identities and access, they need solutions specifically designed for the challenge,” said Gus Malezis, CEO of Imprivata. “SecureLink uniquely addresses these critical, but often overlooked and vulnerable points of access, and we’re thrilled to offer our customers the leading solution to this challenge.

Healthcare and other mission-critical organizations are facing significant pressure to secure their workflows against the constant threat of cyberattacks. The companies’ combined data science capabilities will give customers new tools to automate identity systems, unlocking significant operational efficiencies and preventing security threats before they happen.

Patrick Tickle, CEO of SecureLink, said, “The importance of protecting digital identities has never been greater. The combined organization creates a holistic set of capabilities that enable the secure and efficient use of digital identities, while providing visibility and control of how they are used.”

For 20 years, Imprivata has built its technology to ensure security and efficiency coexist, protecting critical data and applications without operational disruption. To support this important mission, the company developed its Digital Identity Framework which arms organizations with tools to improve cybersecurity while eliminating barriers to access during trusted digital identity events. This acquisition is another step closer to accomplishing that goal.

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Imprivata is the digital identity company for mission- and life-critical industries, redefining how organizations solve complex workflow, security, and compliance challenges with solutions that protect critical data and applications without workflow disruption. Its platform of interoperable identity, authentication, and access management solutions enable organizations in over 45 countries to fully manage and secure all enterprise and third-party digital identities by establishing trust between people, technology, and information. For more information, visit

About SecureLink
SecureLink is the industry leader in critical access management, empowering organizations to secure access to their most valuable assets, including networks, systems, and data. By leveraging Zero Trust principles, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, SecureLink provides comprehensive security solutions to govern, control, monitor, and audit the most critical and highest risk access points. Organizations across multiple industries — including healthcare, manufacturing, government, legal, and gaming — trust SecureLink to secure all forms of critical access, from remote access for third parties to access to critical infrastructure, regulated information, IT, and OT. For more information visit: