Speed EMR & CPOE adoption

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Speed EMR & CPOE Adoption


Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) adoption is needed for Meaningful Use Stage 1. The bar is being raised in Meaningful Use Stage 2, expanding adoption even further. The key to driving CPOE adoption? Making the process simple by streamlining access at the point of care. Imprivata removes the barriers that impact CPOE adoption, ensuring care providers can easily and immediately enter every order — whether it's for x-rays, labs, or medications. Improve care provider satisfaction and save them time allowing them to focus on patient care.


Fast, Secure Access to All Applications


Every hospital has multiple clinical and administrative applications that care providers must access, and all require their own authentication. Across ED, radiology/PACs, staff scheduling, specialty modules for labor & delivery, critical care units and, of course, the EMR, care providers are frequently asked to log-in. Log-ins disrupt workflows and consume valuable time. Imprivata streamlines authentication management, eliminating clicks and handling all username and password entry behind the scenes. As a result, care providers get secure, instant access without interruption.


Anytime, Anywhere Access


Patient results can arrive at any time of the day or night, physicians need to be notified immediately and gain fast, secure access to up-to-date patient information, even when they're away from the hospital. Improve communication of test results and optimize EMR utilization by sending test results through secure communications and enable secure physician access to protected health information at any time, from any device — including a home computer or iPad. Physicians can receive timely alerts, review results, start treatment, or initiate patient discharge before heading into the hospital, significantly improving efficiency.