Customer champions

Meet the customer champions

This global team, made up of services, support, and success, anticipates and resolves obstacles to customer success – in fact, their goal is to know, understand, and address problems before customers are even aware of them. The team collaborates with Imprivata’s in-house clinicians and tech teams, providing continuous feedback from the “front lines” of customer interaction.

Delivering our award-winning signature experience

Imprivata customer champions have received awards for delivering our signature experience – one that is focused on the principles of iteration and problem-solving. As a team, they reflect the creative problem-solving spirit of our entire organization and fulfill the Imprivata mission on a highly personal level. In addition to troubleshooting and managing customer relationships continuously, these individuals search for fresh opportunities to improve Imprivata service and products.


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2018 STAR Award: Best Practices in Leveraging PSA for Service Excellence

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2018 Gainsight Sally Award for Excellence in Success Planning

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2017 STAR Award: Innovation in the Transformation of Support Services

Implementation and support

Our customer success team is truly committed to making things work in customer environments, both from a technology and a human perspective.

To ensure positive outcomes and customer value, they gather information from a variety of sources:

  • Conversations with customers in the field
  • Our in-house team of clinicians
  • Insights from the Customer Advisory Board (CAB)
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Distributed but close to customers

Our innovative support organization is based primarily in offices in the US, the UK, and Australia. Members of the professional services team are distributed, often working remotely and staying close to the hospitals and clinicians who use Imprivata solutions. These customer champions remain dedicated to resolving customer problems – even if our software isn’t involved.

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