Growth and opportunity

Investing in professional growth

We believe that recognizing potential and investing in development is key to success. Our employees are encouraged to dream big and take advantage of every opportunity they come across. We offer opportunities across numerous platforms – from programs spanning several months to casual sessions focused on a single topic like communication skills or time management. At every point in your career path, Imprivata will support you with tailored learning experiences.

Learning and Development

We invest in our employees by providing them access to LinkedIn Learning's educational video courses taught by industry experts in hundreds of developmental topics. 

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Leadership Development Program

This custom program is an investment in the current and future generation of Imprivata leaders. Selected and mentored by senior executives, participants engage in small group sessions for 10 months. This impactful program has resulted in several participants being promoted to new roles, moving to new groups, or expanding into more senior positions. 

Highlights include:

  • One-on-one mentoring and coaching sessions with senior executives
  • Reading assignments and discussions related to specific themes
  • A program journal to document personal growth and development strategies
  • A group project for team members to demonstrate their learnings and apply them to real-world challenges
Image of an employee giving a presentation with slides on Imprivata's leadership development program behind her

Manager Development Program

We designed this program specifically for managers who are new to Imprivata and employees recently promoted to a management role. An initial orientation presentation covers crucial topics such as communication and leadership, to help them succeed in their new roles.

Full-day sessions are led by an outside facilitator who provides feedback and guidance to help develop core management skills. If a manager starts on the right foot at Imprivata, we believe their team, and our business, will succeed as well.

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Internships and co-ops

We’re always on the hunt for fresh perspective, and interns and co-ops provide that in spades. We partner with local universities to welcome co-ops to Imprivata, usually for six-month periods, where they can start to carve their career paths, and get paid doing it.

Then, every summer, we round out our global roster with interns in every department. Interns and co-ops work on projects with real value within a hybrid work experience. Many of our past interns and co-ops have proved so successful that they’ve joined us full time. 

Image of interns sitting together eating lunch

Sales Enablement

The global marketplace is continuously evolving, and we believe our sales team members must constantly grow to meet those changes.  That's where our Sales Enablement function comes in. Our Sales Enablement team provides sales support related to onboarding, product education, processes, certifications, and ongoing skill development. And a position within Imprivata does not have to involve direct sales to benefit from this team - Sales Enablement also offers assistance to business development, customer success, and renewals teams as well.

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Knowledge Sharing Sessions

Our Knowledge Sharing Sessions (aka "KSS") are opportunities for Subject Matter Experts within Imprivata to present on a particular topic and allow the rest of the company to learn in some areas that they would not know from their respective roles. These sessions allow for dialogue, questions, and knowledge dumps, so that we can try and bridge as many knowledge gaps as possible.

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Tuition Reimbursement

We encourage everyone to gain new skills that enable them to do their work better. Managers partner with their teams to identify the right training opportunities for each individual.

Image of Imprivata employees in a meeting