Four problems enterprise access solves

Using third parties is nearly inevitable in today’s business landscape. Most organizations need to outsource some of their operations, whether it’s on a large or small scale. The only way third parties can do their part is through remote access into a business’ systems, networks, and applications. This remote access connection introduces risk and potential cyber threats from the outside. To protect the critical systems and assets your third-party vendors are accessing, it’s critical to have a secure, automated access solution.  Enterprise Access is a remote access tool built specifically for third parties. With its purpose-built design, it solves several problems that third-party remote access poses.  

Four Problems Enterprise Access Solves 

1. Vendor identity management

  • Problematic stat: Over 50% of organizations don’t have a comprehensive inventory of all third parties with access to their network
  • Enterprise Access Solution: SecureLink Enterprise Access requires vendors to self register, so each individual user identity is inventoried and managed within the Imprivata platform. Before being granted access, each user’s employee status is verified and each identity is authenticated through access controls like multi-factor authentication (MFA). Each account also has time-based provisioning to ensure that accounts don’t remain active if they should be deprovisioned.

Customers see an 80% reduction in time spent managing third-party accounts and 90% reduction in time spent troubleshooting account issues.

2. Secure control and connections

  • Problematic stat: 63% of organizations say remote access is becoming their weakest attack surface
  • Enterprise Access Solution: Enterprise Access provides network access based on the zero trust principle and provides organizations with granular controls and permissions, so they can restrict third-party remote access to only the applications or assets needed. Enterprise Access features credential vaulting, meaning logins and passwords are stored, injected, and obfuscated, meaning third-party reps never see the credentials needed to access the network.

3. Meeting regulatory compliance

  • Problematic stat: 56% of organizations gave a low rating of their third parties’ effectiveness to achieve compliance with security and privacy regulations that affect their organization
  • Enterprise Access Solution: The Enterprise Access platform allows organizations to easily and quickly prove compliance with a single source of documentation for all third-party access. It meets regulatory compliance requirements by giving reports and visibility into which third parties have access to your network, their specific activity during network sessions, and the required controls in place. Imprivata helps meet compliance requirements across industries, including but not limited to:
  • HIPAA compliance
  • PCI compliance
  • NIST compliance
  • CJIS compliance
  • NERC compliance

Customers experience 70% less time on preparing documentation and reports in advance. 

4. Visibility into access

  1. Problematic stat: 63% say their organization doesn’t have visibility into the level of access and permissions for all users
  2. Enterprise Access Solution: Enterprise Access provides organizations with complete visibility into their third party’s network activity as well as a comprehensive and detailed audit log. All activity is tied to an individual user identity, and session activity is captured, including detailed views caught by video recordings and text-based logging.

Organizations spend 70% less time on incident investigation, making responsiveness more efficient and more quickly resolved. 

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