Identifying Identity Resources

There's a lot of news and opinions on the web as the blogosphere continues to grow. As a result, the web can be overwhelming on one hand and full of wonder on the other as you sort and click through the rabbit hole of conversations on the other side.

In light of this, I thought I would provide a short list of great blogs and resources that I follow from the identity management circles that are worth checking out and engaging with:

Kim Cameron's Identity Weblog - Kim covers all the bases of identity and gets into really good online dialogue with others out in the identity ether

The Virtual Quill - Dave Kearns' 'rants, raves, and musings about identity from the Old Man in the Corner.' If you know IDM, you surely know Dave's name.

Digital ID World - Eric Norlin keeps an eye on the uber-trends on the business side of identity management as well as the technology behind it.

Virtual Identity Dialogue - Mark Wilcox focuses on IDM and directory services stuff and delves into the development side.

Clayton Donley's Blog - Clayton combines topical takes on trends, with a regular post of other blogs/news to check out. Worth a read.

The Healthcare IT Guy - Shahid N. Shah keeps close tabs on issues in the healthcare space. If you're in this space (or have clients there), check out his blog regularly.

The Health Blog -WSJ's Theo Francis and Jacob Goldstein post throughout each day on the business level trends, issues and current events in the healthcare arena.

SecurityDreamer - Steve Hunt's among the most vocal and thoughtful on topics surrounding physical-logical security convergence.

Zalud's Security Blog - Security Mag's Bill Zalud chimes in on security happenings with an editor's bent.

So what IDM blogs and outlets to you follow? Let me know - I'd love to add ‘em to my reading list.