OneSign 4.6 SP1

Imprivata is pleased to announce general availability of OneSign 4.6 SP1! This release contains product enhancements such as support of Citrix XenDesktop 5.5/5.6, Citrix XenApp 6.5 and more…

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9: OneSign now supports Internet Explorer 9. All natively-learned web applications will continue to work as they did in previous OneSign versions. Shift- or GDI learned web applications will need to be relearned, Imprivata has provided an analyzer tool that is available on the Customer Portal to identify these applications.
  • OneSign Connector for Epic 3.5: The OneSign Connector for Epic, in conjunction with the OneSign 4.6 SP1 agent, has been enhanced to minimize Windows memory and CPU utilization when Epic and OneSign are running in a Citrix XenApp environment.
  • Single Card Tap User Switch: On a shared kiosk workstation, a different user can log in over another user’s open OneSign session with a single tap of their proximity card, instead of having to tap twice.
  • Enhanced Active Directory Synchronization: The directory synchronization and group membership reconciliation times are much faster and more efficient, particularly when synchronizing with a very large number of directory users and/or groups. Additionally, a synchronization progress indicator has been added in the OneSign Administration console during a manual directory sync.
  • Allscripts/Eclipsys Sunrise Clinical Manager v5.5 Support: OneSign now provides native SSO into Allscripts/Eclipsys Sunrise Clinical Manager version 5.5 and above, in addition to earlier versions of Sunrise Clinical Manager.

Please contact for further information.