Positive patient identification in the time of COVID-19

As the volume of patients seeking medical attention increases during these challenging times, correct patient data is more important than ever. Ensuring positive patient identification and helping healthcare organizations maintain an optimal check-in process, Imprivata PatientSecure captures valuable data about when and by whom patients were checked in to the hospital or healthcare organization. This data could prove to be very important in the coming weeks and months.

For clinicians, treating patients based on their correct medical record is always important. In a pandemic situation when healthcare providers and organizations are under intense pressure, using Imprivata PatientSecure could help:

  • During times of increased caseload, maintaining optimal check-in throughput. Whether via Patient Access staff or kiosks, with Imprivata PatientSecure, enrolled patients don’t need to produce identity cards or other documents, and Patient Access staff don’t need to identity proof patients (and possibly handle cards) or search for records.
  • Tracking care provider / patient interaction. Imprivata PatientSecure reporting captures when (date and time) and where (by facility, department, and endpoint machine) patients appear in your organization.

    To manage risks related to the transmission of COVID-19, decisions about how to respond to COVID-19 patient-related contact with Imprivata PatientSecure palm vein scanners ultimately rests with Infection Control leadership. Having acknowledged that, below are some current suggestions for cleaning and handling:
  • PatientSecure palm vein scanners should be addressed with the same approach as for other similar equipment used at patient check-in, e.g. electronic pen pads, conventional pens, clipboards, kiosks, etc. The CDC recommends that routine cleaning and disinfection are appropriate for reducing risk of COVID-19 transmission in healthcare settings.
  • The PatientSecure handguide (hand outline) and scanner housing (cup) may be cleaned with an alcohol wipe between patient uses. Per CDC guidelines, a 70% or greater alcohol solution is effective against COVID-19.

For more on using Imprivata solutions to ensure safe, secure, and uninterrupted care delivery, visit the Imprivata COVID-19 continuity site.