Imprivata's Gus Malezis on vaccine passports and safety

We talk vaccine passports and data security with Imprivata CEO Gus Malezis.

There are multiple digital vaccine passports created by different companies. Without a standardised pass isn't this going to create issues for operators to recognise them?

Having multiple vendors rush into the digital vaccine passport does offer some viable options, however this likely will create interoperability, usability, and security issues. This is a natural consequence of the rush to market and will ultimately resolve over time – but it does mean customers will have to do their due thorough diligence, make careful choices, and upgrade frequently as the technology matures.

For example, we expect interoperability issues across the various solution providers, state agencies and the service vendors requiring this validation. An additional and perhaps bigger issue(s) are the validity & trust of the digital document and security of these passports. We are very early in this space, and if we are to compare and contrast to US state driver’s licenses which are standardised and carry security and validation controls – in this case of the vaccine passport we don’t yet see common standards on those critical aspects.

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