PURE Insurance gains needed user activity visibility and Salesforce data security with a “buy” cloud security solution

As a high-net-worth insurance carrier, the PURE Insurance Group of Companies needed to know: Is it better to buy a cloud security solution that meets your organization’s needs and can secure your cloud data in hours, or to build a customized solution that’s tailor-made for your organization’s needs but takes months to develop and requires continuous lifetime maintenance? PURE’s build vs. buy journey led them to a successful cloud security solution that helps them more easily monitor user activity across their Salesforce instance.

"When you’re looking at build versus buy, whether you’re in insurance or whatever industry you’re in, you’re going to have a very similar need when it comes to data security. Now, the data may be different and you may have different levels of sensitivity of data. But the concepts are pretty similar.”

– Stuart Tainsky, Senior VP of Administration, PURE Insurance

The Challenge

As they placed more and more data into their Salesforce environment, PURE realized the risks inherent in having data accessible to their internal org and other systems. They wanted more advanced insights into how the data was being used within the platform.

The Results

  • Proactive event monitoring alerts

  • Safeguarding sensitive member data

  • Implementation and visibility in less than 48 hours

  • A cost-efficient, time-saving, feature-rich cloud security solution

  • Continued trust with employees and members