Imprivata acquires SecureLink

Addressing the challenges of mission- and life-critical organizations

Healthcare and mission-critical organizations are under pressure to optimize and secure workflows under the constant threat of cyberattacks.

Together, Imprivata and SecureLink are excited to deliver the most comprehensive and unified digital identity platform to secure everyone and everything with frictionless access to on-premises and cloud applications, virtual desktops, shared mobile and medical devices, and workstations.

A shared, bright future

The importance of protecting digital identities has never been greater, and we aim to unlock new sources of value by leveraging our combined data science capabilities to enable autonomous identity systems. By unifying, integrating, and automating digital identity, customers can experience unprecedented operational efficiencies and security that prevents threats before they happen.

Learn more about the immediate and future benefits of our combined organization by registering for a live webinar with Imprivata CEO Gus Malezis and Patrick Tickle, CEO of SecureLink.

Expanding our digital identity framework

For 20 years, Imprivata has sought to enable a world where technology is a source of confidence, not constraint. A world in which security and workflow efficiency coexist to protect critical data and clinical applications –but do so without disruption.

Because of this, we developed our Digital Identity Framework that arms organizations with tools to improve cybersecurity while eliminating barriers to access during trusted digital identity events. This acquisition is another step closer to accomplishing that goal.

Customer-first, always

We’re thrilled to integrate our employees and innovation, but our north star has been, and continues to be, our customers. Please contact us with any questions.

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