Unlocking the power of the Digital Clinical Workspace

With virtualization adoption in healthcare reaching an all-time high the impact of technology on care providers and patient care has to be looked at carefully. While roaming desktops, remote access, and mobile devices bring a sense of convenience, how to balance that with security, especially around patient health information (PHI) needs to be kept in mind.

Avoiding a disjointed approach

The restrictions of security and compliance are keeping healthcare organizations from leveraging the full benefits of their virtualization technology investments. For example, virtual desktops follow users, maintaining their desktops and applications as they change locations and switch workstations. However, due to security and compliance restrictions, repeated logins can delay providers and negatively impact patient care.

Or because care providers need access to real-time PHI and medical data from anywhere at any time the proliferation of mobile devices and BYOD policies is opening up healthcare organizations to new security vulnerabilities and cybersecurity attacks.

With security and convenience pulling against each other and creating a disjointed approach to virtualization, the technology which is meant to streamline workflows, now has the potential to negatively impact provider productivity and patient care.

So it’s time to ask yourself, how do you take a unified approach to virtualization?

The Digital Clinical Workspace

Imprivata unlocks the power of the VMware® Workspace ONE™ Digital Clinical Workspace™. Imprivata empowers care providers to securely and conveniently access, communicate, and transact patient information, making unified user, desktop, and mobile management a reality.

Streamline workflows across shared workstations

First, Imprivata delivers No Click Access® to VMware Horizon virtual desktops by removing repetitive manual logins and complex passwords, saving up to 45 minutes per shift for every care provider.

With Imprivata, as providers move between their shared workstations, secure communications can be sent across every desktop. This allows care providers to send and receive messages instantly, speeding care coordination and delivering up to 88% improvement in provider response times.

In addition, Imprivata secures DEA-compliant transactions invisibly and without disrupting clinical workflows or patient care. For example, for the electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS), Imprivata eliminates dual workflows for providers, replacing the paper based workflow and increasing overall e-prescribing usage by 85%.

The VMware AlwaysOn Point of Care reference architecture, which includes Imprivata, provides healthcare organizations with a blueprint for a secure Windows desktop and application delivery platform validated with the leading Electronic Health Record and IT infrastructure vendors.

Enable mobile clinical workflows

To enable mobile clinical workflows VMware Workspace ONE provides a unified application catalogue that provides a consistent experience across any device and application. Imprivata takes it a step further by enabling secure transactions from remote access locations and making clinical workflows such as EPCS possible on mobile devices.

The Imprivata mobile application, integrated into VMware Workspace ONE, delivers HIPAA-compliant secure communications allowing providers to confidently communicate PHI to speed up the care process while improving patient outcomes.

Strengthen compliance

As mentioned earlier, security must be balanced as convenience is being increased and new types of access is made available to care providers. Imprivata enables healthcare organizations to more effectively safeguard patients’ PHI in VMware AlwaysOn Point of Care Desktops. Imprivata enables IT staff to define and enforce HIPAA-compliant policies for all activities including automated password changes.

VMware Workspace ONE helps healthcare organizations meet compliance regulations and operating best practices through data centralization, data loss prevention policies, encryption at rest and in motion, automated compliance and remediation, and remote device wipe.

By unlocking the power of the Digital Clinical Workspace with Imprivata you no longer need to choose between security and convenience, you get both.

To learn more about Imprivata and the VMware Workspace ONE Digital Clinical Workspace, come by the Imprivata Booth #862 at the upcoming VMworld Conference in Las Vegas, USA, August 28-31 or view the data sheet