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Imprivata has worked alongside hundreds of healthcare delivery organizations across the U.S. as a trusted, strategic partner. Imprivata provides expert insight into the DEA requirements and guidance on electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) implementation best practices.

Imprivata has significant experience helping organizations implement technologies that balance security best practices and clinical workflow efficiency. We can help you develop and execute on your EPCS project plan and ensure your implementation complies with DEA regulations while making the EPCS process fast, convenient, and easy for your providers.

Customer success stories

Geisinger Health System: Saving $1M per month with EPCS

Geisinger Health System in Pennsylvania has led the pack with their holistic approach to reducing opioid abuse by implementing EPCS. Geisinger has been able to improve provider and patient satisfaction, increase patient safety, and reduce opioid prescribing, all while generating significant cost savings and ROI by implementing Imprivata Confirm ID for EPCS in conjunction with other safety and security measures.

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Geisinger's success with EPCS