Implement a robust Zero Trust strategy

Modern security relies on identity-centric Zero Trust

Today's security leaders must secure decentralized networks from cyber threats while giving users on-demand access to the resources they need. Striking this balance depends on efficiently verifying user identities and granting access to only the resources they're authorized to use.

Perimeter security is no longer enough

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    of companies have experienced a cyberattack in the past year


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    of cyberattacks and data breaches involve compromised or stolen credentials


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    of security leaders agree they can no longer rely on perimeter security


Never trust, always verify

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Every organization needs an identity-centric Zero Trust strategy

Firewalls and VPNs were designed to protect traditional IT environments with systems located largely on-premises. Today, people and applications are located everywhere, making digital identity the control plane that must be managed and secured.

This complex landscape requires an identity-centric strategy aimed at strengthening an organization’s security posture. That means securing all digital identities at every access point, across all systems. Importantly, this approach enables organizations to reap the benefits of identity-based security without sacrificing user access and efficiency.  

Your Zero Trust checklist for success

Review your current cybersecurity strategy to see how it aligns with Zero Trust principles.

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How mature is your digital identity strategy? Stop guessing.

An identity-based Zero Trust strategy is only as strong as its weakest link. Identify gaps and get a customized report with insights to help you move forward.


The foundation of a Zero Trust strategy

Achieving Zero Trust rests on identity and access management.
  • Identity governance

    Replace manual processes with automation to efficiently manage identity roles and entitlements over the complete user lifecycle

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  • Multifactor authentication

    Verify all identities without disrupting user workflows with instant authentication for remote access, connected devices, cloud apps, and other critical workflows

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  • Single sign-on

    Deliver a frictionless user experience with secure, No Click Access® to on-premises and cloud applications from any device, anywhere

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  • Privileged access management

    Secure privileged accounts from malicious or accidental access from internal and external threats

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  • Vendor privileged access management

    Verify third-party identities and provide them with access to only what they need, when they need it

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