Eliminate security friction on mobile devices

Mobile devices are no longer a “nice to have”

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    Report mobility has a positive impact on patient experience [source]

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    Believe mobile devices are very critical to their business [source]

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    Consider mobile devices to be an organization’s biggest security risk [source]

Increasing mobile adoption means increasing user efficiency

Mobility has grown increasingly critical to employee agility and productivity, and in healthcare, it enables clinicians to provide better patient care. But while mobile devices introduce a myriad of benefits, adding layers of security that slow down workflows can halt mobile initiatives before they start.

Unlock the full potential of mobile devices

Support personalized device experiences with non-disruptive access and authentication that works with users, not against them. By building security and compliance directly into mobile workflows, you enable effortless device access and SSO into mobile applications to eliminate security friction while reducing points of exposure.

Imprivata makes mobile security seamless

Enable the benefits of mobile technology without impairing workflows, compromising IT systems, or exposing PII and PHI.
  • Mobile IAM

    Deploy user access and authentication that enables secure, effortless access to mobile devices and applications for trusted users.

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  • Zero-effort device provisioning

    Establish the proper balance of security and efficiency with automated device provisioning, secure device checkout, and fast, secure access with Enterprise Password AutoFill.

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