Deliver day-one access to all your applications

Automate the entire user lifecycle

Organizations manage a complex set of internal, external, and third-party users that need various levels of access to sensitive information. Enabling secure, timely access hinges on replacing manual processes with automation.

Manual identity management is fraught with risk

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    Security incidents relating to negligence


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    Share of all credential thefts involving privileged users


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    Projected number of worldwide connected devices by 2025


Automate lifecycle management

Traditional user provisioning is risk-laden and cumbersome, often leaving users over- or under-provisioned. At the same time, manual processes create strain for IT staff and lack visibility to meet compliance requirements. 

Overcome these limitations by automating the entire user lifecycle, and free up IT resources to focus on high-priority tasks.

Remove end-user barriers

Every access point is an opportunity for bad actors, yet the tools meant to protect systems and applications often bring user workflows to a halt. Create secure, frictionless access across the enterprise with No Click Access™ to on-premises and cloud applications from any device, anywhere.

Verify every user at every access point

Protecting your organization means verifying user identities before granting access to critical systems and applications. Enforce strong security with convenient authentication for remote access, cloud applications, IoT/IoMT, and other critical workflows.

Imprivata makes secure day-one access a reality

Deliver accurate day-one access for all users to all systems without bringing user workflows to a halt.
  • Identity governance

    Replace manual processes with automation to efficiently manage identity roles and entitlements over the complete user lifecycle.

  • Multifactor authentication

    Verify all identities without disrupting user workflows with instant authentication for remote access, connected devices, cloud apps, and other critical workflows.

  • Single sign-on

    Deliver a frictionless user experience with secure, No Click Access® to on-premises and cloud applications from any device, anywhere.

  • Mobile device access and provisioning

    Enable secure, effortless access to mobile devices and applications with automated provisioning, secure device checkout, and Enterprise Password Autofill.

  • Privileged access management

    Secure privileged accounts from malicious or accidental access from internal and external threats.

  • Vendor privileged access management

    Verify third-party digital identities and provide them with access to only what they need, when they need it.


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