Monitor for patient privacy and drug diversion

Understand user behavior to prevent devastating consequences

Internal threats pose a unique challenge because they have inner knowledge of your systems and applications. In healthcare, this knowledge has a human cost, but anomalous behavior often goes uninvestigated due to inadequate resources and traditional approaches. Manual methods easily miss risky behavior, putting organizations and patients in jeopardy.

Manual event monitoring leaves you open to risk

  • 0

    diversions occur in the US each year 


  • 0

    of drug diversion cases go uninvestigated


  • 0

    of patients want to be able to opt-out of sharing some or all health data


Data science makes behavioral monitoring easier

Proactively catching violations is challenging with manual methods that require staff to comb through log access records. Detect the full range of bad behavior with AI/ML to mitigate threats before they turn into major issues.

Accurately flag and mitigate anomalous behavior

Understand the activity occurring in your clinical systems to reduce risk and simplify compliance.
  • Patient privacy monitoring

    Spot unauthorized access to health records and data exfiltration to protect PHI and build a culture of trust.

  • Drug diversion intelligence

    Accurately detect, investigate, and resolve threats that increase patient risk, heavy fines, and reputational damage.

  • Managed privacy services

    Eliminate the stress of monitoring and investigating potential privacy violations with certified privacy and security experts that help manage the full lifecycle of an incident.

  • Drug diversion monitoring services

    Increase the accuracy and efficiency of your diversion monitoring program with security, pharmacy, and law enforcement experts dedicated to remotely monitoring and responding to potential drug diversion incidents.



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