Prevent cyberattacks and data breaches

Outdated security doesn’t cut it anymore

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    Breaches involving compromised credentials [source]

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    Consecutive years healthcare had the highest industry cost of a breach [source]

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    Cost difference in breaches with mature zero trust vs. no zero trust [source]

Modern security relies on identity-centric zero trust

Today's security leaders must protect borderless networks while giving users the anytime, anywhere access they need to be productive. Striking the right balance between security and convenience hinges on ensuring users are who they say they are — granting access to only the resources they're authorized to use.

What is zero trust?

A zero trust security strategy isn't focused on securing the perimeter — it's rooted in securing the identity. This is a credential user, who by default, is not permitted to see or do anything whether in or outside of the organization's network. Users must be authenticated, authorized, and continuously validated before being granted access to applications and data. In short, a zero trust security strategy trusts no one.

Imprivata makes planning for zero trust easier

Adopting a zero trust security model can be daunting, but with a solid foundation of key technologies in place, organizations can reduce risk without sacrificing performance and user experience.
  • Identity governance

    Deliver precise role-based access to systems and applications with automated user administration and analytics

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  • Enterprise single sign-on

    Deliver a frictionless user experience with secure, No Click Access™ to on-premises and cloud applications from any device, anywhere

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  • Multifactor authentication

    Centralize identity access and authentication across the entire enterprise, with rapid authentication for EPCS, remote access, cloud applications, medical devices, and other critical workflows

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  • Privileged access

    Secure privileged accounts from malicious or accidental access from internal, external, and third-party threats

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Your privacy. Our solutions. Certified.

Imprivata is ISO 207001 and 27701 Stage 2 certified! That means you can prevent cyberattacks and data breaches, while being confident that your critical data stays private.

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